Writing is awesome.

Haven’t you noticed :)? I have. From planning a plot to “The End” your characters stick right with you! I must thank my main character for not getting fed up with my continuous plot changes and characters getting added, deleted and edited (not saying she didn’t get fed up at all) to the point where my plot was miles away from where it started!

Oh, look. The Zemata (don’t blame me if I spelled it wrong) finding editor is finally working! Yay! Not that I even want to use it!!!!

Okay people: Just to get things straight, I haven’t just finished my book like you may think. I just thought up a new scene! Oh no, now my main character has an evil look on her face. AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!



What could be better than a two and a half page chapter?

That’s what I was thinking when I finished the two and a half page chapter. It needs expansion. It was in a size 20 font, so there were about 26 lines per page, but it was still tiny. I want to revise it and make it longer (I found two typos in the first 2 paragraphs).I am going to expand it (at the end of it there’s a very short section of dialogue between the main character and a supporting character) and make it like…longer.