Happy New year, 2011, or MMXI!!!

Also happy/merry late Christmas!!

MMXI=2011 in Roman numerals. 2010 was MMX.


Writing is awesome.

Haven’t you noticed :)? I have. From planning a plot to “The End” your characters stick right with you! I must thank my main character for not getting fed up with my continuous plot changes and characters getting added, deleted and edited (not saying she didn’t get fed up at all) to the point where my plot was miles away from where it started!

Oh, look. The Zemata (don’t blame me if I spelled it wrong) finding editor is finally working! Yay! Not that I even want to use it!!!!

Okay people: Just to get things straight, I haven’t just finished my book like you may think. I just thought up a new scene! Oh no, now my main character has an evil look on her face. AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!


Writing detail without being long and boring

Oh yes, it’s possible!!!
All you need to do is to add adjectives, verbs and stuff into your sentence without being boring.

“What?” she asked. “Oh, whatever.” he said, “You’re hopeless.”

could be

“What” she asked politely, turning to face him. “Oh, whatever.” he shook his head, glaring at her. “You’re hopeless.”

The second option provides the reader with more detail.

So now: Take a “long and boring” piece of writing. Edit it. Read it over. Is it good now?

editor’s note(that’s me!!!!) see this link.

The Protagonist isn’t always the Main Character

A main character, and a protagonist are NOT the same…all the time.Believe it. A main character is the center point of your book. The Protagonist is the main non-evil person of the book. Of course, the Protagonist is sometimes the main character, sometimes. Continue reading

Long and Boring

Lisa tried years afterward to describe the terrible to behold, and insanely vile taste of the mold colored cheese, but she found that after too long, the cheese actually became quite the enjoyable delicacy and she was quite addicted to eating it, an activity she found useful to practice daily for maximum comfort.

Ugh! That’s too long and detailed. Now try:

Lisa hated the cheese. It was even mold colored! But, she found that maybe the cheese could be fine. Maybe.

That was fine! It was short and sweet. But too short with no detail is like:

Lisa disliked the cheese. Then she liked it.

So which would you choose?

Imagine reading this:

In spite of the horrible cheese’s taste, it was quite pleasant to enjoy the delicate yet delicious taste of the cheese, which she graciously ate in exactly 3 bites in exactly 3.1415 seconds!

I thought she hated the cheese!