“One could never have too much knowledge…”


This blog is really just, like an advice column :).

I mean, it’s all just my opinion.

Oh! And since you’re reading this “About” page, you will be rewarded for “Not Being Boring” because I get 0.0 views on this page 😦

So thanks for viewing! 🙂

I made this blog on September 7, 2010. I made it because good ol’ Cosmic Mango’s World (see here) was getting crowded with stuff like these random poems of which I still can’t fihure out where they came from and the dreaded…Mangobook…so anyway, I made a new blog because I was considering writing about writing on there.

So, I made this blog and my first post, Characters & POV. If you look there, you’ll notice that I still wasn’t sure how to make links(unless I updated it at some point and now there’s actually a link; I’ll have to check).

Want to keep updated? Visit the news page regularly!


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