The Ultmate Character Guide

When you’re writing a book, you want good, developed characters(don’t you?). So here is a guide to help you:


  • “Good character”
  • Sometimes (but not always) the main character
  • Opposite of the Antagonist
  • Must not be evil


  • Must be the evil villain or is not “the” antagonist!
  • (sigh) Can’t be good, must be evil.

Now, those are just the main characters. Every book must have:



Any other characters, as many as required.

Depending on the type of person your protagonist is, they can be interesting or extremely boring. But if your antagonist is boring, you are

a) in a lot of trouble with me

b) Not just about to have an interesting book

c) boring.

Your book must also have a main character.

Is the main character the…


Even the antagonist?.

Your main character might be a “mini-protagonist”

Or a “mini-antagonist”?

Maybe on neither side, just a neutral bystander.

Or not having decided their side


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