I want to write! vol. I

Starting now, I have a thing called “I want to write!” for people who want to write a book, but they have absolutely no idea how to write it, or what to write about.

The Plot

When you’re planning a plot, you may feel stuck at times–like if you don’t know what to make the main antagonist do that’s completely evil (and you want the evilest thing you can think of)–you may improvise. A lot. Maybe, your main character Lisette is doing something that can certify as senseless because you improvised. Then when you’re finished writing your first draft, you see that part and say How does that fit in with the plot????. Then you will change it and be like “Wait…” when you reread and see that, unfortunately, that doesn’t fit in. My tip: reread and then rewrite. It will save you endless time and trouble.


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