So you want to plan a plot.

Planning a plot?

Here’s how to make a plot you can use easily that still sounds good:

  1. Think about who’s good and who’s evil. Add traitors, too. Is Bobby the traitor more good or evil? Write your main antagonist, and if they are or are not completely evil. I don’t like to make my antagonists the type that seems evil but in the last book becomes good. I do that with their humble servants and knights, etc. Make your antagonist someone your readers love to hate! (See making Villains completely Despicable)
  2. If you’ve ever seen some graph that looks something like  This you might know that it doesn’t work for a series. Don’t use it. Plan the tension how YOU want to.
  3. Now, write the outline. Write it until you have used up your idea. When you have finished your outline, you have written your plot.
  4. Here’s a plot that needs improving: If you can’t read what it says, it’s My plot: Lia Lowman is a

    This is the undeveloped plot.

    peasant in a magical kingdom. The queen falls ill. Lia nurses the queen to health. All live happily ever after. Maybe the queen gets poisoned. Maybe the ending is a cliffhanger, not a “Happily ever After”.Perhaps, the queen is revealed to be plotting against the king–a common but awesome plot. Then, Lia must stop her and… it goes on.


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