Making Villains Completely Despicable

Here is how to write a good villain:

  1. If you want a good book, don’t make your main antagonist secretly non-evil. If someone was writing a book where the villain’s assistant was the secretly non-evil one, this paragraph would make sense (Bobby is the assistant, Jayda is the villain, Emma is the main protagonist):      Emma gasped when she saw Bobby. “What are you doing here?” she asked suspiciously. Bobby smiled weakly. “Err…”Emma gave him the evil eye “You little–” “Emma!” said Bobby. “It’s Jayda…” In the plot, Bobby having told her what evil plots Jayda was up to. If it had been Jayda revealing her plots, that would take away a layer of greatness the story may once have had.
  2. Give them a certain trait. You might get it from yourself (maybe the main villain is like someone you know and dislike) or a trait you dislike in people.
  3. Plan their evil act.
  4. Write a scene with them in it and have someone read it. It doesn’t matter who, just someone whose opinion you trust (your sister, your niece, your friend Jo)and have them rate your villain. If they say something like, “Who’s the villain in this?” then you know you need to re-make that villain.
  5. Even if your scene got good results, don’t stop. That’s probably a scene you’d been planning, so write down some information about your villain so you have a resource when you’re writing other scenes.


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