First Person and its (dis)advantages

First person is fun to write. Most blogs are written in first person (like this one) and some books are. People talk in first person! “I walked slowly up the hall, glancing sideways occasionally to check if anyone was watching.” is first person. Here are some advantages & disadvantages:

  • While writing in this POV, you can only access the main character’s thoughts.
  • You can write like you talk.
  • I, me, my, etc are used.
  • If you have trouble with beginnings, don’t do first person.
  • I’m kind of bad at it.

Once I read a first person book and I never learned the main character’s name because it was never mentioned.  I was going to write “Mangobook” on Cosmic Mango’s World in first person, but I couldn’t think of a start. So… did this help?


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