Characters and POV

The upper slopes of Mount Everest. The Southea...

Mount Everest. Image via Wikipedia

Characters can be challenging. If you were to just make one up on the spot– Liz Jean Smiths, twelve years old, brown hair and blue eyes, complete tomboy– and a plot, too– Liz must fulfill her family’s destiny to climb Mount Everest and retrieve the diamond under the rock on the left of the highest peak– and you make another character to accompany Liz– Kira Lea Smiths, Liz’s identical twin, also a tomboy– and you write a paragraph in first person, something like:

I grabbed at the rock and hauled myself up the cliff. Almost there! Kira smiled. I said, “Almost there!”

Then you want second person:

You grabbed at the rock and hauled yourself up the face of the cliff. Almost there! Your sister smiled. You say to her, “Almost there!”

Or third person.

Liz’s heart pounded with excitement as she gracefully slung her body up to join Kira up on the plateau. “Almost there!” she called, and Kira couldn’t help smiling.

Which one sounds best? Third person, in my opinion. If you go to the page Mangobook on Cosmic Mango’s World (My other blog), that’s in third person. Click here to go there(confusing, right?).The writing is on there because I only just made this writing blog.

Thanks for reading!


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